How To Resolve conflicts of IP address 192.168.l.l

Why do IP Address Conflicts Occur? What Are The Solution To Such Issues?

The majority of IP addresses occur when there are two or more devices functioning within a network with identical IP addresses. This will result in either of the devices not having the ability of communication with the wireless network. Also, the DHCP server may encounter certain problems when assigning identical dynamic IP addresses to two of more separate devices.

What do such problems indicate? The router’s DHCP server is most likely enabled by default settings. It has the capabilities of providing unique IP addresses to separate devices that attempt to connect to the available network. However, the DHCP server of the router may encounter certain internal errors in which there will be no opportunity of properly tracking the addresses that have been assigned to a multitude amount of devices. Ultimately, such an occurrence will often be the cause of conflicts in addressing.

The majority of routers utilize 192.168.l.l as their defaulted LAN IP address. Therefore, 192.168.l.l IP address will most likely be conflicting with another modem utilizing the same network connection. To resolve the problem of two or more modems utilizing the 192.168.l.l defaulted address, the user(s) will need to change the IP addresses of the routers except for a single one to avoid such conflicts. After the user(s) makes the required changes of IP addresses, they will be able to connect to the network successfully.